Professional Indemnity

Professional Indemnity

Furness Underwriting offers a wide range of standard and customizable insurance solutions for self-employed professionals, professional associations, firms and companies.

Main features of all products:

  • All-Risks policies on Claims-Made basis
  • Limits up to 10 millions Euro
  • Extensions that are always available:
    • Joint liability
    • Premises Liability
  • Territorial cover: Worldwide

Technical Professions

Agronomists, Architects, Chemical Engineers, Security Consultants, Geologists, Surveyors, Structural Engineers, Information Technology Services (Media Tech®), Building Surveyors, Industrial Experts, Restorers

Accounting-related Professions

Financial Advisors, Accountants, Labour Consultants, Insurance Intermediaries, Credit Brokers

Legal Professions

Lawyers, Mediation Bodies and Free-lance Mediators, Certification Bodies

Non-Regulated Professions

Advertising Professionals, Apartment block administrators, Archaeologists, Artistic Directors, Business Consultants, Educators, Ergonomists, Family Consultants, Geographers, Graphologists, Interior Architects, IT System Administrators, Motivational Speakers, Pedagogues, Pedologists, Pharmaceutical Representatives, Product Designers, Supply-Chain consultants, Quality Control Operators, Oenologists, Photographers, Professional Trainers, Social Services Operators, Tourism Promoters, Translators, Webmasters etc…